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Well then.
You think we right-wing religious zealots don't read Truthout? There are at least as many of us as there are Democrat loonies who listen to Rush Limbaugh. What you liberal fools don't realize is the simple fact that God is a Republican and His plan is to not only forgive but REWARD each and every crusader who helps to bring His kingdom to power in the United States, making it the greatest nation ever to exist on this Earth. This means that those who assassinate abortion doctors and burn down the churches of the wicked and godless will have a special seat of honor in His eternal heaven. Sarah Palin has already proven her righteousness. The goal of turning America into an ultra-right-wing Christian nation is God's Will. Those who disagree had better watch out.

It was posted in response to this article.

This kind of schlock is just as stupid, and probably no more common, as it always was, but somehow it's no longer laughable. Hold on to your butts (not to mention your rights).


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